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Marsannay appellation

Wines of character, and enchanting diversity

This is where the magic begins in the Burgundy climats, vineyard plots that have been precisely delimited for centuries, classified on the UNESCO World Heritage List since July 4, 2015 as the “birthplace and living archetype of terroir vineyards”. The Marsannay appellation, with nearly a hundred of the 1247 recognised Burgundy climats, brings out the unique aroma, taste, and flavour encapsulated in these vineyard plots.

Each Marsannay wine expresses its originality through its taste, tactile and aromatic dimensions, faithfully reflecting the unique message of its birthplace. Where clay is dominant, the body is more assertive, with a velvety texture. Where limestone predominates, a far more delicate, silky texture prevails. When clay and limestone blend harmoniously, the wine’s exquisite viscosity unfolds. At higher altitudes, there is a radiant liveliness to the texture of the wine. When marl mingled with clay takes precedence over limestone, Chardonnay replaces Pinot, producing wines with brilliant minerality against a backdrop of great texture.

The exceptional geo-pedological diversity within this clay-limestone terroir, together with the subtle differences in climate encountered here, combine to make Marsannay the perfect point of entry into the Burgundian symphony of climats.

Three colours that mirror the thousand shining facets of the terroir

Floral, mineral white wines


White Marsannay wines explore the range wholerange of citrus fruits and white flowers (hawthorn, locust tree...). The palate, often full and round, leads towards a well-developed mineral framework, full of length.


Delicate, fruity rosés wines

The Marsannay appellation possesses a fine example of the Burgundian cultural exception : rosé wines made up of aromatic freshness and harmony, gorged with fresh red fruits so typical of Pinot Noir.
The palate, whith an oily acidity, is reinforced by the finesse of specific grape variety aromas. These wines can be appreciated young for their freshness, but they are also able to challenge time with splendour thanks to a true potential for ageing.


Deep, velvety red wines

Red Marsannay wines are intense in colour, with an expressive bouquet of red (morello cherry, strawberry...) and black fruits (blackcurant, blueberry...). The attack on the palate is powerful and full-bodied, and harmonizes into an oily finish with good length.



Facts and figures:
PDO (AOP – appellation d’origine protégée)  467 hectares for red / white / rosé, with 367 hectares for red / white