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The appellation Marsannay possesses all the vitality and creativity of youth ; these qualities are allied to the fruitful maturity engendered by the age-old history of these vineyards. The quality of the labour invested over the past twenty-five years by the two generations of wine-growers working in harmony on the estates has ensured international recognition, with exports to all continents, and a place of honour on every table of renown. Wine-growers of the new generation, demanding, curious, and open-minded, have inherited from previous generations a sense of solidarity, and a strong attachment to their terroir. This family spirit, inspired by the ambitious quest to improve every vintage, seeks to progress while remaining true to Burgundian tradition and “savoir-faire”.

The Marsannay appellation is indebt to them...


Albert Derey
Jean Fournier
Lucien Guyard
Jean Louis Huguenot
Bernard Clair
Charles Quillardet
Joseph Clair